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We are committed to having fully prepared, professionally and legally compliant substitute teachers and paraprofessionals.

Substitute teacher and paraprofessional training

KES formed an exclusive partnership with TeacherMatch® to offer Smart Practices™, a research based professional development series—developed specifically for KES to allow us to prepare our candidates to maximize student learning.

Free pre-hire training

This mandatory training program includes two substantive online modules covering the insights and skills substitute educators need to succeed in the classroom. Smart Practices pre-hire units are drawn from research-based sources, including education consultants and the practical experiences of industry-recognized former teachers, principals, and administration.

Paid post-hire orientation

We offer a paid, structured orientation for all substitute employees (instructional and non-nstructional) that join our team. This training covers KES employment and district-specific policies and procedures. Unlike many of our competitors, this is fully compliant with wage/hour regulations—and we absorb the cost.

Professional development

Currently, KES and TeacherMatch have created additional professional development modules. Smart Behaviors will focus on helping substitute educators create a positive learning environment. Smart Skills will help educators understand how students learn. These modules will be available to all KES substitute teachers at no charge.

In addition, all employees have access to The Kelly Learning Center, our online training portal that includes more than 6,000 self-paced or facilitated career development courses as well as 55,000 ebooks and publications available at no charge for our employees.
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“I took a bevy-full of education courses when I was in college. My degree says I’m a high school English teacher. But I must say, none of the classes I took in college ever came close to Kelly’s teacher training program…the training you provide is superb! It explains precisely what we are supposed to do, what we can expect our day to be like, who we should be connecting with and why, how we can get the children to focus from the first moments in the classroom, how we are to move from subject to subject, how we are to handle the different situations which can and will arise in the school, how to appear (and actually be) as professional and proficient as humanly possible from the moment we enter the building — all of which will make for a calm and confident demeanor, which, in turn, will translate into a quiet and well-managed classroom, and a pleasant day for all involved.”
Pamela G-M, CT
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